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24 / 7 Surveillance

What are you really after when fitting a GPS tracker to a car? Cartrace are pleased to be able to offer round the clock peace of mind to our clients, who can be constantly safe in the knowledge that the subject of their trace is under observation. Cartrace can offer you peace of mind whatever your requirements. Be it an employee investigation or marital issue, the knowledge that a GPS tracking device is fitted to the subject’s vehicle will assure you that their every move can be witnessed. Peace of mind is an important thing to individuals and businesses. In fact, peace of mind is an important thing to everyone. If anyone is jeopardising yours, for any reason, then you have a right to put your mind at rest. Using the latest technology and the most advanced tracking devices, Cartrace can put your mind at ease.

Among the most common uses for vehicle tracking is as an aid to matrimonial investigations. Do you think your partner is cheating? Are you concerned about their actions, their movements, their behaviour? If you want to catch a cheating spouse, then the use of GPS vehicle tracking devices is your best option. By covertly fitting a car tracking system to your spouse’s vehicle you can know their exact location at all times. This can end the crippling uncertainty of sitting at home wondering where they are. Knowing the truth will give you peace of mind. Worst case scenario, you may conform your suspicions and be able to move on with your life. At best, you may find you were wrong, and peace of mind will be instant.

Similarly, peace of mind can be gained by employers who suspect their employees of any misbehaviour or insubordination. Maybe your employees are misusing the company car, stocking up expenses that don’t need to exist. Or maybe they are abusing work related trips out to make personal trips that cost you money and time. Trusting your employees is absolutely crucial to any business, big or small. Luckily, with the help of Cartrace, you now have access to the technology that can determine your employee’s actions 24/7. Whether covertly or not, you now have the tools to monitor and control the behaviour of your employees. Peace of mind is just a car tracker away.

Cartrace can bring you peace of mind whatever your situation. You deserve peace of mind – do not hesitate to get it. Get in touch with us today.