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Vehicle Tracking for Surveillance and Close Protection

A recent operation gave our team a fantastic opportunity to test the ability and potential of the latest GPS tracking devices. This advanced technology has allowed us to add whole new aspects to our business, making our investigations tighter, more manageable, and, to put it simply, more successful. This latest operation featured a client who felt under threat due to circumstances in his private life. Cartrace takes the safety of all our clients, and the general public as a whole, extremely seriously. When this new client approached us we got our heads together and debated the best way to supply close protection to them and maintain their safety at all times. One of our staff suggested using the GPS tracking systems alongside our usual close protection techniques. This proved to be a revelation.

Fitting car tracking technology to our client’s vehicles allowed us to witness their every move, with their permission. We were, therefore, able to use this technology to closely monitor our client and protect them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This operation was a fantastic success, combining GPS tracking technology with a sensible and ordered physical presence we managed to protect our client throughout the time we worked with them, until their circumstances were managed and our protection was no longer needed.

This work opened our eyes further to the almost unlimited potential of professional vehicle tracking. GPS tracking devices are not only of use to our employee investigations, and in attempts to catch a cheating spouse. They may also be a great aid in the important surveillance operations we undertake, and an integral tool in our expanding close protection and bodyguarding business.

Now is a time to really embrace the new technology available – it is something we do and something that works. Our last operation alone is proof of this. The agents at Cartrace take great pride in all our work, but there are few jobs as satisfying as protecting an innocent citizen. Now that we have proven how vehicle tracking can improve these services, we can only become more and more reliable in our role.