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Vehicle Surveillance

Using the latest in GPS tracking systems, Car trace offer an advanced form of car surveillance, allowing our valued customers to investigate matters that may have a major bearing on their life, without a cost that breaks the bank.

How to Track a Car

We use the latest tracking devices, which can be fitted to car discreetly or non-discreetly. Our agents will fit the device to the car you wish to track, meaning that there is no risk to you whilst the device is fitted. From then on, the exact location of the vehicle tracked will be visible on our computer screens. This ensures surveillance is easy and permanent, meaning you can have peace of mind 24-7. From our computer screens we can pinpoint exactly where the subject is, when they are moving, and where they stop. So any suspicions you have, whether in a matrimonial or corporate capacity, can be alleviated or confirmed discreetly, and efficiently. We give you peace of mind in days. Whether you want to catch a cheating spouse, or check on employee integrity at your company, Car Trace offer the services you need for a price you can afford.


Through Peter Taylor & Associates, our parent company, we offer all kinds of surveillance. Surveillance is the best way of finding out all you need to know about a person, and the results are almost always successful. For whatever reason you need surveillance, we are confident that our company can use their expertise and experience to deliver the results you need. There are many reasons you may require surveillance. Just some of the investigations we offer are listed below:

Not all of these matters can be investigated using car surveillance, but many of them can. Car Trace offers a completely discreet form of surveillance. One of the many benefits of surveillance via a GPS Tracking device is that the operation will require significantly less man-power than traditional surveillance. Obviously, this means we can charge significantly less for a car tracking surveillance. This makes the package accessible to anyone, meaning that the worries you are currently dealing with can be investigated almost immediately after you inform us of your requirements. Not knowing is the worst thing. With Car Trace’s tracking services, you can know – now.

If you feel these services could help you, or if you want to know more details, please do not hesitate to contact us today.