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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Cartrace are part of a company that has evolved and grown over the last half a century. With beginnings in investigation, surveillance, and person tracing, our company has always tried to be at the top of our game. Nowadays, with advances in technology happening every single day, a company such as ourselves has to be on the ball at every step, ready to swerve with every turn and face all changes. For this reason, Cartrace make it a priority to use the latest technology and the best methods to meet our client’s requirements.

This is particularly relevant when considering the GPS tracking devices we use today. More than anything, Cartrace desires to meet the needs of our clients, to do the jobs we are given to the very best of our abilities. To keep up our exemplary success rates, we know that it is necessary to utilise the latest technology. We want our clients to know that when using us, they are using the ultimate car tracking specialists. Client’s confidence in us is our main objective. We are here to tell you that you can have confidence in us. You can have confidence in our ability. You can have confidence in our tracking equipment.

The latest GPS tracking devices are so advanced that they have helped us make a major leap forward in all areas of our work. We can now offer an increasingly secure service, with greater potential for success than ever before. Whilst we still use traditional methods, this new technology eradicates some of the dangers that existed before, lowering the need for agents in the field, and creating a subtler mode of investigation and surveillance; subtler, and yet more successful.

These GPS tracking systems mean that we can permanently monitor the movements of our subjects – we can guarantee that we will never lose them. We can complete surveillance and investigation using agents based both in office and in the field. The location of the tracker will be permanently on our computer screens, meaning that a minimum of field agents are needed. This not only means that the case can be completed more discreetly, but also cost-effectively.

With Cartrace you are guaranteed a wealth of experience, but uniquely, this comes alongside a burning desire to utilise the most up-to-date and effective technologies. Our combined service is second-to-none for whatever your vehicle tracking needs may be. Employ the best, contact us today.