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GPS Tracking Technology

Cartrace use the latest GPS tracking technology on all our investigations and surveillance. Whilst this GPS software has been a great help in our work, it is still a complicated technology that takes skill and knowledge to properly utilise. In the correct hands, these GPS tracking devices can be an invaluable tool. They make us a more useful resource for you, whatever your requirements.

The technology we use is the very latest on the market; the most efficient and effective available today. The trackers are small, powerful, and can be used to track assets, vehicles, or people. They are lightweight, easy to hide, and extremely durable. The battery life is superb, allowing you uninterrupted vehicle tracking for seven days. If the investigation is for a longer period of time, then, with the right people for the job, the GPS vehicle tracker can be fitted, altered, and monitored with the utmost care and discretion. Although there have been concerns raised regarding the discreet nature of trackers, our agents have found that, due to the fact that trackers leave us needing less agents in the field, we are actually completing operations in a less risky manner and with more discretion than ever.

One of the best features of this technology is the ease with which they can be monitored. Our investigators have been schooled in the workings of these devices, and now, with our capabilities, we can track our subjects worldwide, from our very own office. Images on our computer screens show us GPS pictures, pinpointing the exact location of the subject. This allows us to send our field agents to the exact location of any suspicious behaviour to collate evidence, protect our clients, and complete the jobs we are given to the highest levels.

Since the arrival of GPS tracking software, our investigative services and surveillance has experienced a kind of new dawn. As part of a company that has been in the game for over 40 years, we have been witness to a lot of changes and seen new methods come and go. Never has something made such a difference as the advent of GPS tracking devices and their use as surveillance and investigation tools. It’s an exciting time for us, and if we can help you, all the better.