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Employee Investigations

A recent operation showed us beyond a doubt just how successful the use of GPS vehicle tracking can be for employee investigations. A local businessman contacted us regarding suspicions he had about some of his employees. Having recently completed a very successful expansion of his business, he began to have some concerns regarding the use of his company cars and the legitimacy of a couple of his new employee’s expenses claims. After a Google trawl for ‘employee investigations’, he found us, and in a very short period of time we got to the bottom of the issue. The employees investigated are now gone, and our valued client is saving money. ‘If those suspicions rear their ugly head again’, he tells me. ‘I’ll be straight on the phone to’.

This client acted in a quick and intelligent manner. As soon as the suspicions arose in his mind he reacted by beginning an employee investigation. If you have similar doubts about the actions and behaviour of your staff, do not hesitate to do the same. These offences against your business can be difficult to prove, and the necessary research, although performed in the most efficient manner, it can still take a while if you want irrefutable proof. All the time you wait, you may be losing money that you don’t need to.

Cartrace can begin employee investigations within hours of your first call. Using the latest GPS vehicle tracking technology, alongside our experienced team of detectives, we can help you in the same way that we helped our previous client.

With employee investigations there are very interesting ways in which these GPS trackers can be utilised. If you wish to keep your suspicions to yourself, our agents are expects in covert surveillance. With your permission, we are able to fit GPS devices to your company cars without the knowledge of your staff. This allows us to view their exact location on our computer screens 24/7, which gives our agents the option to witness their actions at all times. This can give you peace of mind throughout the day and night. False expenses claims and misuse of company cars can be proved beyond any reasonable doubt.

Other clients have also employed us to publicly fit our GPS trackers and inform their workers of their exact nature. This may work as a deterrent, preventing the employee misconduct before it begins.

What method you choose depends on your business and which you think will work best for you. Cartrace offer bespoke services and can help put an almost immediate halt to any issues you are experiencing. Just ask our last satisfied client.

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