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Corporate Investigations

GPS tracking services can be an invaluable aid to your business. Car tracking helps you to avoid unwanted issues that evolve through untrustworthy employees. We at Car Trace can also help you to keep an eye on all your company vehicles, making it easier to track vehicles to an exact location. Our services can be employed openly or covertly; our services can be moulded to fit our valued client’s exact requirements. We make tracking vehicles simple, stress-free, and effective, so that you can reap the benefits.

Employee Investigation

Do you suspect your employees of acting in a way that is potentially damaging to your company? Car Trace recommends our tracking services as the optimum manner in which to deal with the problem. Dishonest staff and untrustworthy employees can be a massive drain on a business, putting the reputation and future of your beloved company in jeopardy. Whether a field worker is obscuring their whereabouts, a long term absentee is faking an illness, or a member of staff is moonlighting or attempting to obtain another job, car tracking is the perfect service to put you back in charge. Car Trace uses the latest in GPS vehicle tracking technology. This is an effective and unrivalled method of tracking employees to make sure that their actions and movements are as they should be. Tracking cars will help to get to the truth of the matter, and the results are more accurate and cost-effective than all other options on the market. For absolute truth and complete satisfaction, Car Trace’s GPS Tracking System’s cannot be beaten.

Other Benefits of Tracking Services for Businesses

Whilst GPS tracking systems can be the key component in managing your business and maintaining employee integrity, they can also be utilised in a number of other ways. Below are just some of the ways in which Car Trace’s tracking services can help you to employ a more dynamic management strategy:

•Through car tracking, you can keep an eye on your team’s overtime and vehicle and fuel usage, giving you more power and ensuring that you are not taken advantage of.

•Real time updates and satellite images are a brilliant way of proving that any labour/time costs you claim in an invoice are true and exact. Disagreements over such matters will simply cease to exist.

•The GPS tracking system can be used to confirm that that you met the terms of a contract, providing conflict free dealings with companies and clients.

Car Trace uses state of the art GPS tracking devices which allow for real time information on the location of any vehicle tracked. From your computer screens you will able to study the exact position of your company vehicles. We have already shown how this can be useful to help detect deception and misadventure, but here are a few other uses for this superb technology:

•Jobs can be allocated to vehicles in the most convenient location, cutting time and cost and improving your customer service.

•Car tracking makes false information regarding an employee’s whereabouts a thing of the past.

•Give your company’s reputation a boost each and every day by using tracking systems to supply accurate arrival times to your customers.

•Employees will find it increasingly difficult to use trips out in the car as a way to waste time through avoidable delays. Because of car tracking, your business will get more work done in a day.

•If you are using vehicles for deliveries, GPS tracking devices ensure that the customer can always be informed of the location of their goods. Customer service this good is hard to come by, but we at Car Trace can make it a unique selling point of your brand.

GPS tracking systems can also be used to aid your employees. When you track a car, you are ensuring that your employees are safe from the suspicion of their bosses. In extreme cases, you are even protecting your staff from having to take the blame if a car is stolen. Tracking devices have also been helpful in cases of kidnap.

Tracking a vehicle is a benefit to you, to your employees, and to your business as a whole. It is the way forward in cost-effective surveillance and customer service. It is an invaluable addition that will put you acres ahead of your competitors. Set the next phase of your successful business in motion; contact us today.