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Cartrace About Us.

Car Trace is a part of Peter Taylor and Associates, a trusted company since 1985. Having started out in the private investigation and process serving industries, we have built up a wealth of knowledge in surveillance, investigation, and tracing. Our expertise in many areas has led to a trust of our services that exists throughout the legal world and the public sector. Clients who choose us can be confident of working with an experienced and knowledgeable team that will go the extra mile or more to meet your needs.

Car Trace offer an exemplary service, using the latest technology to track cars across the UK. With the use of GPS vehicle tracking devices, we can track and pinpoint cars to a specific location anywhere in the UK. From our very own computer screens we will be able to keep an eye on the exact location of the tracked vehicle, ensuring you, our valued client, peace of mind and an end to worry. The latest technology has added to our already superb abilities in the field of surveillance, a fact that can only further our potential to cater for our customer’s every need.

Over our many years in the surveillance and investigation industry, our reputation has grown and grown. Used and trusted across the UK and the globe, our aptitude is undoubted. Our car tracking services are testament to our desire to evolve and improve with the times, and to keep bringing the best and most cost effective solutions to those who are most important to us. To you, our valued customers.

If you need to track a car for any reason, trust that Car Trace are the company for you. Pick up that phone and contact us today.